Tips to Help during COVID-19

PROPERLY SETTING UP YOUR HOME WORKSTATION: In this video, Lauren Kirchoff, DPT, walks you through the proper way to setup your home workstation.  Special thanks to our model, Krystle Groff, PTA:
CLICK HERE to access the video

ALLEVIATE NECK PAIN: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of us are working from home in less than ideal conditions. In this video, Alicia gives us some simple stretches that can help alleviate your neck pain and shoulder stress:  CLICK HERE to access the video

AN EASY EXERCISE FOR 11 DIFFERENT BODY PARTS:  If you are stuck at home and looking for some simple exercises and stretches that will help you stay active with no equipment necessary, you don’t want to miss this post! Alec Levesque, DPT walks us through some simple stretches and exercises for various body parts (in only 6 minutes!).  CLICK HERE to access the video

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Daulton Rutter, DPT shares some tips to help keep us centered in this uncertain time:
Practicing Mindfulness in Times of Uncertainty

Amy Petraco, PTA encourages us to continue getting outdoors for our physical and mental health: The Benefits of Fresh Air during this Pandemic

Lauren Kirchoff, DPT clarifies which injuries warrant cold vs hot treatments while managing pain from home: Managing Pain from Home?  Is Heat or Ice Appropriate?

Alicia Leeking, PTA discusses the health benefits of standing every hour, when we are tempted to watch Netflix all day during our “stay at home” time:
The Benefits of Standing throughout the Day