Ashley Parry, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant


EDUCATION:  Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University and Associate of Science in Physical Therapy Assistant from Central Penn College


What Makes Ashley Special

After graduating from Warwick, Ashley attended Michigan State University where during her undergrad she worked with the MSU women’s basketball team as a student manager and got to travel on the road all over the Big Ten with the team! She graduated from Central Penn College in 2020 and has worked in private outpatient clinics since then. Ashley & her fiancé just got married this April.

Want to know more?  Here’s a little Q & A…

Why did you choose to be a PTA for your profession?

Like so many of us that choose to go into the PT field, I experienced a lot of sports injuries as an athlete growing up. I battled years of compartment syndrome and also tore my ACL. I had a surgery every summer from my freshman year of high school to my senior year of college! Fortunately, I was blessed to be treated by a great rehab team who was invested in my care both as a patient and as a person. I saw first hand the value of physical therapy. I experienced the joy of getting back to what I loved and how special it was to get to heal with a supportive crew cheering you on. I knew I wanted to pay it forward as a career!

If you weren’t a PTA what would you be doing, especially if salary wasn’t a concern?

If I weren’t a PTA, I would want to be an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. My father served for 4 years in the USMC and 24 years in the Army National Guard and I always thought it would be so special to follow in his footsteps.

What energizes you at work?

I love seeing patients get better! It is so rewarding getting to hear patient success stories and hear about how their lives have improved outside of the clinic. It isn’t just that people are no longer in pain. I enjoy hearing about how people are able to return to things that they love like playing with their grandchildren, going on a favorite walk, or being able to complete every day tasks that were once a challenge.

Most important advice you give your patients?

Be patient! As a former patient, I know this is one of the most challenging aspects of physical therapy. But trusting your therapist and having faith that things will improve can go a long way in your recovery.

What is one thing that instantly makes your day better?

Getting a message from my nieces or nephews! Or reeling in a really big fish!

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?

My dad – money comes and goes so work hard to get it but enjoy it when you’ve got it. And you can’t take it with you!

Where would you be right now if you had zero obligations and money didn’t matter?

Spending time at my family’s cabin in Sullivan County, PA. It’s the best place in the world when you need some R&R.

Favorite sport to watch?

Any college sport – but especially basketball. When I was in undergrad at Michigan State, I worked for the women’s basketball team as a manager and I got to travel all over the Big Ten conference with the team. I had a blast experiencing all the behind the scenes excitement and stress that comes with Division I athletics.

Do you have any pets?

I have a dog, Maggie. She is a black and white pit bull mix who loves playing with her ball, especially if it squeaks! She likes to snuggle when she feels like it and is an amazing companion.

Are you reading or binge watching anything right now?

I am a WWII buff and I love any literature or media associated with that timeframe. I have watched Band of Brothers and The Pacific about a million times and by favorite book is Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley. I also really enjoy the book You Are Worth it written by Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter.

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

Breakfast! I love breakfast food but not at breakfast time. I enjoy making breakfast for dinner or going to a diner to get breakfast food any time of day. My favorite is a classic eggs benedict.

What’s something you’ve done, but you’ll never do again?

Go to Epcot for New Year’s Eve. We went to Disney as a family when my siblings and I were older. It was fun to experience the parks as an adult and the fireworks at midnight were wonderful but there were entirely too many people and way too many screaming kids up past their bedtime.