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“I was at other PT facilities (four!). Simply not comparable to Hartz, where the team that feels like family and i get full attention to my individual needs with the programs tailored to me and and my specific needs. To Brian Hartz – Great Leadership!!”
Dan. Lititz office

“I’ve had a herniated disc for 13 yrs and have seen quite a number of PTs. Hartz is by FAR Superior to any others in the area. Megan Sabol is incredible. Patient, caring and listens to what you have going on. Couldn’t ask for better. Keep up the awesome work!”
~ Andy, Lititz office

I chose Hartz Physical Therapy because of its convenient location, but I have been very pleased with the quality of their treatment and their professionalism. Having had physical therapy at other venues previously, I am impressed by how personable the entire Hartz staff are to their clients. Patrick and Michelle have given me phenomenal care through three rounds of physical therapy.”
~ Phyllis, Lancaster-West office

The staff is amazing! They are not just a team of therapists but also people who want to see their patients healthy and doing the things they love. Also they are passionate about every patient’s recovery goals and will do the best to reach the goal. They took time to get to know me, my hobbies, my questions.  I learned a lot from my time there.
Angel, Lancaster-East office

“Excellent staff! Brandi gave my 98 year old mother the best care. She spoke so that my mom could hear and understand her. Directions for treatment and home exercises were made very clear and we’ve seen astounding results. My mother has strengthened her muscles and is able to once again walk with confidence after a fall. We couldn’t not have had a better experience anywhere! Such a warm and caring environment at Hartz. We would recommend Hartz to anyone needing physical therapy. You won’t find better and more professional care!”
Kathy, Lititz office

“The Ephrata office was AWESOME!  This is the first time I have ever had to go to physical therapy.  I was quite nervous.  However, the staff at the Ephrata office was welcoming, informative and, by the time I was finished, family.”
~ Angela G., Ephrata office

 “I have been going to Hartz, PT in Lititz after a nerve injury. I love how you stay with the same therapist the entire time. It’s been wonderful working with them, and Megan and team is amazing!! She has been nothing but wonderful during my entire time. Also the billing staff and everyone else at the practice has been amazing!!”
~ Emily, Lititz office

I have been going to Hartz for a number of medical issues for a number of years. I had previously gone to a different Physical Therapy practice (recovery from surgeries) whose PT’s and PTA’s were excellent! However, the physician that I was seeing for non-surgery issues referred me to Hartz – and I’ll never go anywhere else. There’s a difference with Hartz personnel than that which you find with more “institutional-based” PT practices. There, the PT’s and PTA’s are constrained by internal policies and procedures that they have to follow whether they agree with them or not. Brian Hartz has carefully put together an organization of fully-capable, like-minded/like personalities that are reflected from their receptionists up to the PT’s … they mimic Brian’s dedication to patient care. I’m currently going to their Lancaster East facility off-of Lancaster Avenue. It’s their newest location and has an outstanding staff on hand. Give Heather a call and make an appointment – you won’t be disappointed! (I have no association with Hartz nor am I receiving any compensation for this review – it’s my own opinions!)”
~ Bob, Lancaster-East

“Hartz PT was amazing! They were my biggest cheerleaders throughout my long ordeal after my injuries. They advocated for me with my doctors and continued to search out the best care for me when we ran into obstacles. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you!”
~ Rebekah J., Lititz

“Because of a family member’s experience with Hartz, I knew I wanted to be treated by Hartz Physical Therapy and the care I received was fantastic. Thank you”
Florence P., Ephrata

As a runner and triathlete, I greatly appreciate being seen by a fellow athlete.  I can’t recommend HARTZ PT highly enough, and the entire staff at the Lititz office is super.”

“The fact that I looked forward to going to therapy says it all. and the result speaks for itself.”
~ Mike H.

“Each person’s physical situation is unique. HARTZ understands that in physical therapy one size does not fit all. I’ve been to HARTZ PT after two joint replacements and for a rotation injury. HARTZ gets an A+ for working with me and teaching me to listen to my body. Thank you!”
~ Alice H.

“Thank you so much  for your excellent advice and therapy for my back and knee.  You and your  entire staff are amazing and I am so  thankful to have been able to receive treatment from THE BEST.  Everyone I  have ever contacted through Hartz not only does their jobs well, but they also  know how to make your clients feel special.”
~ Bonnie K.

“From the minute you walk into HARTZ you are treated with the utmost respect. Everyone smiles and is so friendly. The amount of compassion that I received and helpfulness was wonderful! I cannot thank HARTZ and my therapist enough!”
~ Angie M.


In 9th grade I had pain in my left shoulder while catching in softball and swimming competitively. I was referred to Brian because of his swimming experience and endless pool. We determined surgery to tighten my “loose” shoulder was necessary. After physical therapy with Brian and modifying my stroke, he got me back into the pool and I was once again able to swim competitively.

Recently he tested my shoulder strength for a military medical exam and I have 100% range of motion. I am now participating in Navy ROTC at the University of Pennsylvania, with no limitations in physical activities. I am forever grateful to he and his staff and highly recommend him to anyone needing physical therapy.
~ Leah H.

“I cannot say enough good things about Megan and HARTZ. You have succeeded in restoring my quality of life and for this I’ll be eternally grateful.”
~Dick W


“My vertigo was so bad, at one point it knocked me  off-balance and I ended up in the emergency room due to injuries from the fall.  I was put on medicine that didn’t help a bit. My doctor even increased the dose  to try to make a difference, but the symptoms went on for well over a month. I went in to see Drew after I heard that physical therapy might be able to help. After just one visit my dizziness was completely gone. I wish I would have known about this option sooner.”
~Eleanor Y.

“I suffered from dizzy spells many years back. About 5 years ago, I saw a magazine article on how  physical therapy can help these spells. I wasn’t feeling any dizziness at that  time, but I cut out the article just in case. Last month when my dizziness  returned, I dug it out and then called HARTZ Physical Therapy. I got immediate  relief and was completely clear of symptoms after seeing Drew only once. He  even showed me what to do if it happens again. I have nothing but good things  to say!”
~Betty F.