Aquatic Therapy

pool-crop-smallAquatic Therapy is the ideal treatment for a wide variety of individuals. The buoyancy created by the water allows for decreased stress on joints and helps individuals to perform exercises and range of motion activities that may be difficult to complete on land. The versatility of water provides increased interest and ease of movement for the patient, which can result in a more positive response to rehabilitation exercises.

What are the Goals of Aquatic Therapy?

  • To increase joint motion with reduced pain aided by the warm water temperature.
  • Increased strength resulting from the constant resistance provided by the water and the ability to increase resistance as necessary through the use of water currents.
  • Increased endurance facilitated through the availability of cardiovascular training with less stress on weight-bearing joints.
  • Enhanced balance and coordination as a result of buoyancy.

Why Choose HARTZ Physical Therapy for Aquatics?

  • Only one patient allowed in the pool at a time which allows for personalized one-on-one treatment
  • Only one aquatic appointment scheduled each hour allowing time for patients to complete their aquatic routine easily without feeling rushed.
  • Friendly and supportive assistance in helping patients achieve their recovery goals
  • Our state-of-the-art pool includes:
    • A chair lift that provides easy access into and out of the pool as well as a comfortable seat while performing exercises.
    • A water current system providing the patient with the potential for increased resistance to improve strength training and conditioning.
    • Water temperature maintained between 88 and 92 degrees.
    • A private shower in the poolroom to allow patients to prepare for any post-therapy appointments.

What Should I Bring to my First Aquatic Therapy Appointment?

  • Bathing Suit or shorts and a dark T-shirt to wear in the pool
  • Towel to dry off after therapy
  • Change of clothes to wear after completion of aquatic therapy
  • Shampoo, soap, shower shoes, if you wish to shower after therapy.

Example of an Aquatic Therapy Program:

Kelly, who is seven months pregnant, uses the pool to increase her trunk and lower extremity flexibility. Aquatic therapy equipment helps Kelly achieve an appropriate level of exercise during her pregnancy. The dumbbells, in conjunction with the constant water resistance, provide an excellent environment for increasing strength.

Kelly is able to rest her legs and focus on stabilizing her trunk muscles while floating on a noodle. Trying to maintain a floating position in the water challenges Kelly’s strength and endurance in her lower back and abdominal muscles.


Because of the decreased effect of gravity on Kelly’s lower extremities (thanks to buoyancy), she is able to perform a hamstring stretch with good posture. This same stretch may be difficult for her to do on land.