Aquatic Therapy

Utilize the buoyancy of the water to increase functional outcomes

Aquatic Therapy, available at Lititz, Mount Joy and Lancaster-East offices, is the ideal treatment for a wide variety of individuals. The buoyancy created by the water allows for decreased stress on joints and helps individuals to perform exercises and range of motion activities that may be difficult to complete on land. The versatility of water provides increased interest and ease of movement for the patient, which can result in a more positive response to rehabilitation exercises.  Our Aquatic Director, Wendy Enck, PTA has dedicated hours at both Lancaster-East and Lititz to focus 1-on-1 with our aquatic therapy patients.  Your aquatic rehabilitation program will always be overseen and progressed by your physical therapist.

This video, narrated by our Aquatic Director, Wendy Enck, PTA, gives you a tour of the aquatic facilities at HARTZ PT

What are the Goals of Aquatic Therapy?

  • To increase joint motion with reduced pain aided by the warm water temperature.
  • The consistency of the water provides for excellent muscle strengthening.
  • Increased endurance facilitated through the availability of cardiovascular training with less stress on weight-bearing joints.
  • Enhanced balance and coordination as a result of buoyancy.
  • Hydrostatic pressure helps with swelling and pain control.

Benefits of Aquatic Physical PT at HARTZ PT

  • Each aquatic appointment is tailored to meet the patient’s unique symptom presentation.
  • Our providers have specialized training to address various symptoms and diagnosis which would benefit from aquatic physical therapy.
  • EVERY visit is adjusted to the patient’s symptom presentation allowing for optimal progression.
  • Gentle buoyancy of the water allows patients to gain confidence without full weight-bearing.
  • Aquatic PT may be utilized for all patients of all abilities.
  • One patient is scheduled in the pool area at a time and monitored throughout their entire visit allowing for a personalized one-on-one therapy experience.
  • With a water temperature maintained between 90-92 degrees and private changing areas with showers available, patients will be comfortable throughout their visit.

Common conditions which are treated with aquatic therapy include:

  • Post-operative patients (when incision is healed) can safely increase their Range of Motion
  • Degenerative changes in back and lower extremities
  • Sports Injuries (patients can start dynamic/plyometric exercises sooner than they would on land)
  • Balance Disorders
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
  • Lymphedema
  • Back Pain caused by Pregnancy
  • Cervical Spine and Posture Problems
  • Deconditioning and Obesity

If you have any questions about aquatic therapy please call our Lititz (717-625-2228), Mount Joy (717-492-8708) or Lancaster-East office (717-396-7766).