Direct Access

Save time and unnecessary copays by utilizing Direct Access

Direct Access

Direct Access to physical therapy means you can schedule up to four weeks of physical therapy without a physician’s referral with a Direct Access Certified physical therapist.  To become certified, the PT must have at least 2 years of outpatient PT experience and successfully complete the application procedure.  The certification must be renewed every two years.

Direct Access allows you to get treatment from the point of injury—eliminating the possible wait you may have typically experienced in going to your primary care provider (PCP) first.  In many instances, the delay in treatment can make an injury worse, resulting in elongated recovery times. With Direct Access, you have the ability to choose your physical therapist and will save time – as well as money.

What conditions can be treated with physical therapy?

  • Muscle sprains
  • Sports injuries
  • Neck/back pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • …and much more

What Direct Access means for you:

  • Instant access to physical therapy without a physician’s referral
  • For athletes, rehabilitation can start immediately with less time lost to injury
  • Cost effective and covered by most insurances
  • The ability to choose your physical therapist

Your physician can make recommendations regarding where you receive physical therapy services, but ultimately the decision is yours!  Our physical therapists know their limitations and will refer patients to the appropriate medical professional should the scope of the condition warrant.  Questions? Feel free to contact us at any of our locations or request a free phone consultation.