Medically Adapted Gym (MAG)

HARTZ PT’s Medically Adapted Gym (MAG) is a unique monthly fitness program which identifies and addresses strengths and weaknesses of each member to develop a customized plan that is monitored and progressed by a qualified professional in a welcoming small-gym environment. The MAG program is available at our Lancaster-West location.

WHY go to the MAG?

  • An initial evaluation by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy will identify any areas of concern, individual strengths and weaknesses (billable to insurance)
  • Customized exercise plan is created and progressed by an Exercise Physiologist (4 year degree)
  • Scheduled appointments supervised by our qualified professionals keep you safe and accountable
  • Month-to-month membership fee with no long-term contract or initiation fees.
  • Less intimidating environment than commercial gyms allows all members to feel comfortable and supported to progress at their own pace

Our MAG program is a great option for a wide variety of individuals including:

  • Those who would like a little extra guidance in their workouts in order to reduce the risk of injury
  • Those who feel intimidated by commercial gyms and are looking for a more intimate, comfortable space in which to achieve their fitness goals
  • Patients who have been discharged from PT but need additional supervision before returning to the traditional gym
  • Individuals interested in beginning a general exercise and conditioning program

With your M.A.G. membership, an exercise physiologist is always on-site and available to assist you with your fitness goals. This expert advice and guidance is included in your monthly fee!

Top 5 Reasons To Join The M.A.G.

  1. Welcoming Environment: Intimate and encouraging atmosphere helps members feel comfortable.
  2. No Fine Print:  No initiation or administrative fees, ever!  No annual contract…want to take a month off?  No problem!
  3. Goal-Oriented: Fitness evaluations every 8 weeks keep you on track.
    Scheduled appointments help keep members accountable.
  4.  Scheduled appointments: help keep members accountable.
  5. Keep the past in past: Through an initial evaluation, we can document any past injuries or illnesses, to help you achieve your goals with minimal risk of additional injury.

MAG Hours – Lancaster-West:

Monday:        7am-11pm and 3pm-7pm

Tuesday:       7am-11am and 3pm-7pm

Wednesday:  7am-11am and 3pm-7pm

Thursday:      7am-11am and 3pm-7pm

Friday:           7am-12pm and 12:30pm-3:30pm

More questions? Email our M.A.G. Director, Aaron Brustad at abrustad@hartzpt.com or call 717-735-8880 and ask for Aaron