For those patients who would prefer remote care during this time of uncertainty, our therapists will do their best to give you the tools to manage your pain from home, including providing a customized home exercise program as well as access to speak with your team of providers via phone or through email.  In addition, we are rolling out new access to a telehealth program called which allows us to interact with patient virtually allowing us to answer questions, update home exercise programs as well as illustrate certain stretches or exercises which can help you continue your progress to health. is HIPAA-compliant.  Please see the link below where Dave Snyder, DPT will walk you through how to access and use this program:

CLICK HERE for a short tutorial illustrating how to use

Currently most insurances do not cover telehealth in PA for physical therapy services. Therefore, we will not be able to receive any compensation from your insurance company for this remote care. If you see value in what we are providing, please please please reach out to your legislators and stress the importance of fast-tracking legislation to cover telehealth for physical therapy services. Obviously, this is not a sustainable model for us, but we will continue to provide it as a service to our patients as long as we are able.

This link will provide an easy way to contact your legislators regarding the immediate need for telehealth coverage in PA due to fears of the COVID-19 virus. Click on “Please Waive Restrictions on the Use of Telehealth for Physical Therapy Services”.   Then enter your contact information.  When you enter your address, the website will automatically know to whom to send your message. Our continued operations will depend on our ability to stay viable during this unprecedented time. This legislation is much needed! Thank you for your support!