Medically-Adapted Gym


Do you want to exercise for health reasons, but have a genuine fear of starting a fitness program – fear of the unknown, fear of the intimidation in a commercial gym, or just plain fear of doing something new?  Physical activity can improve health. People who exercise tend to live longer and lower their risk for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers.  Ready to make some changes?

If you have shied away from the typical commercial gyms and would like a different type of fitness experience, we’d like to introduce you to HARTZ Physical Therapy’s Medically Adapted Gym (MAG). This is a one-of-a-kind facility – just for you.  We offer an individualized exercise program designed to meet your fitness needs in a non-intimidating facility. The MAG boasts:

  • Customized fitness plans to fit your individual goals.
  • Supervision at all visits by an Exercise Science Specialist (4 year degree).
  • Thorough PT Evaluation at first visit (billed to insurance).
  • Month-to-month membership fee with no long-term contract or initiation fees.
  • Appointment-based sessions ensure accountability and personal attention at each visit.

The benefit of scheduling an initial evaluation with a physical therapist allows our team to consider all existing health factors which may impact your ability to exercise.  In addition, we can identify any imbalances or weaknesses that could contribute to a future injury.  We are then able to customize your fitness plan to ensure we address any concerns, thereby minimizing the reoccurrence of injury and maximizing your ability to achieve your fitness goals.

During your sessions, you will be working with our MAG Director, Aaron, who is our fitness expert!  With his degree in Exercise Science and passion for fitness, he is one of a kind!  Your exercise program will be modified as needed, and supervised at all times.

We should be exercising MORE, not less, as we age. And we know, it’s hard…but once you get yourself on that exercise cycle, it is amazing how energized you feel! A regular exercise routine will keep you looking and feeling younger and healthier. Our priority is setting up and keeping our clients on a path to better health and fitness. Stop by and see how exercise can change your life!


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