Multiple Sclerosis Partner in Care

HARTZ PT is excited to announce that we are now a Partner in MS Care.  Partners in MS Care are healthcare providers who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in treating patients with MS. These providers have a relationship with the National MS Society that helps connect their patients to the information, resources and support available to them live their best lives with MS.

HARTZ PT now has increased access to programs, services, and resources for their patients through the MS Society. Partners in MS Care go through a review process where their knowledge and expertise in MS is vetted by a committee of their peers. To become a Partner in MS Care, HARTZ PT has demonstrated:

  • A Minimum of 20% of patients treated are diagnosed with MS and/ or another neurologic, chronic illness
  • Minimum of 2 years clinical experience with MS throughout our offices
  • HARTZ PT is committed to practice evidence based care
  • HARTZ PT has a committed relationship with the MS Society
  • HARTZ PT routinely communicates and collaborates with other clinicians who are treating our patients
  • Offices meet basic accessibility standards

The team at HARTZ PT looks forward to helping patients with MS achieve their functional and physical goals.