Staying Fit During the Holidays


Fitness Tips

Here’s our team’s compiled list of crafty ways to stay fit during the holidays!

Get movin’. Wear comfortable shoes throughout the holiday season. Take a walk on your lunch break or run around your block before starting dinner.

Use the weather to your advantage.  It’s snowing? Perfect. Get outside (with or without kids) and play! From skiing, to snowball fights, to pulling your neighbors around in a sled, there’s lots of unique exercise to be had.

Start a tradition. Every Thanksgiving, grab the family and do a family race. (It doesn’t have to be far.) Add a twist: you only get to eat Turkey if you join in on the fun!

Clean. No, like really clean! Who said you can’t make the spring cleaning task a little less daunting? From dusting the baseboards to vacuuming the corners in your basement, cleaning will get you moving.

Youtube. Have a date with YouTube. No, not with just any YouTube video, with an at-home workout video. That little 10 minute living room workout just burned extra calories and got your blood moving (you just saved on your heat bill, too!).

Be an antsy traveler. At times the holidays require us to travel. Rather than sitting still before your flight, walk around the airport, visit the shops and keep moving. (Just set an alarm so you have plenty of time to head back to the gate before your flight boards.)

Drink a cup of tea. At any holiday gathering, reach for the tea before every meal. You will not only get a taste of sweetness, but you will likely eat less if you’ve already filled your stomach with liquid.

Happy Holidays – and cheers to health!