For those patients who would prefer remote care, our therapists will do their best to give you the tools to manage your pain from home, including providing a customized home exercise program as well as access to speak with your physical therapist through HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing technology.

“I was having some leg pain that was really bothering me, even making it difficult to walk. And I didn’t know what to do, since I thought that physical therapy would be out of reach during this time of coronavirus quarantine. My situation was even more limiting, because I was out of town taking care of an elderly family member. But I was desperate, so I emailed my physical therapist at Hartz, Hayden McDevitt, who had really helped me in the past. I was thrilled to learn that I could do a “telehealth” visit with him.

The session was so helpful! He could see me, and I could show him the trouble I was having. I even was able to lie down and angle my laptop lid so that he could see me through the camera. Hayden could then watch me and guide me through appropriate exercises and stretches to put me back on the path to healing and walking pain free again.

The video session was easy to connect to. Hayden emailed me a link that I clicked and then there we were—voilà—face-to-face! I found the time with Hayden so beneficial that I scheduled another video session right away. I am so glad that I am able to receive such effective physical therapy during this time. It was just like being at Hartz, except, of course, minus the great hands on work the physical therapist usually does. But still, it has made all the difference to me to be able to get professional PT help at this time.

Even better, my insurance company has cancelled all co-pays and deductibles during the pandemic, so the sessions are free to me. It couldn’t be a better time to get physical therapy!”

– Marlene

If you are interested in a telehealth visit, our therapists are trained to use, a HIPAA compliant program which allows us to interact with patient virtually allowing us to answer questions, update home exercise programs as well as illustrate certain stretches or exercises which can help you continue your progress to health.   Please see the link below where David Snyder, DPT will walk you through how to access and use this program:  CLICK HERE for a short tutorial illustrating how to use

Each day more and more insurances are covering telehealth in PA for physical therapy services and in many cases waiving all patients costs for telehealth physical therapy services.  What have you got to lose…other than that nagging pain?  Call today for more information or contact us here.