The Importance of Standing throughout the Day

As the days of being under quarantine lengthen, the phrase “I have nothing to do”, is becoming more and more common. In some cases, this is creating a lot of “couch-time” and not a lot of movement throughout the day. One of the easiest things to add into your daily regimen is to make a goal to stand up at least once an hour.

There are so many health benefits to standing every hour, one of them being boosting your mood and energy levels. At first, the quarantined sounded kind of nice…stay home to read a book, watch Netflix and take mid-day naps…however after 3-4 weeks (or longer) it may become lonely, and rather depressing. Being told to not do what you like to do and being away you’re your friends and family who don’t live with you, can make for a long day. Any little thing to help boost your mood and your attitude is worth it, and if standing is one way to help, then make it happen!

Standing once an hour also burns more calories than sitting. Again, with this extra time at home, an easy way to pass the time is to eat. Eating and sitting more is not a great combination for maintaining a healthy weight. While you are up, why not take a stroll through your house? Walk up and down the steps to get the heart rate up a little. The song that has been on repeat for me lately has been Supertramp’s “Take the Long Way Home”, a good reminder to take the long way to go places (bathroom, bedroom, mailbox, etc). Burning calories more frequently will help keep the weight down, which in return will make your joints less inflamed and more comfortable.

Another plus to standing every hour is it helps improve heart health. Sitting can cause increased blood sugar levels and increased blood pressure, so again, making it a point to stand up throughout the day can help keep these numbers intact, allowing for your heart to be happy and healthy.

Couches and recliner chairs may be comfortable in the moment, but in the long run, they can take a toll on your spine. This creates poor positioning and a lack of support for your neck and low back, causing tight muscles and painful joints. Making it a point to get up, move around, and change positions will help stabilize these muscles and prevent your spine from being in a bad position for too long.

I know it is easy to get caught up watching tv all day on the couch (I have done it as well!), but set a goal for yourself to stand at least 2 minutes every hour, and I can guarantee you will feel more comfortable and productive throughout your day!

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