A Guide To Overuse Injuries In Runners

Written by Lori Kerr


Does your lower extremity hurt?, Fitness Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many gyms to close, which in turn, may be causing us to run or walk more mileage each week than we have in the past. In this series of videos, Lori, PTA and avid runner, introduces some basic guidelines for runners who may be experiencing increased pain due to overuse injuries caused by running.

HIP PAIN: Series of 3 videos

Introduction to Hip Pain in Runners

Stretches to Increase Hip Mobility in Runners

Strengthening Exercises for Runners with Hip Pain (please note these exercises can be done without a theraband)


Plantar Fasciitis is a common ailment suffered by runners and walkers.  In this video, Lori walks us through a couple great stretches and strengthening exercises which will provide some relief from heel pain that you are suffering.

Steps to Help Alleviate Heel Pain