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RESETTING YOUR BREATH: Stress can sometimes cause heavy or excessive breathing. Many times, we don’t even know we are doing it. In this video, Alec walks us through a simple breathing activity that can help to reset your normal breathing patterns, and relax you following a stressful situation.

PANDEMIC FATIGUE: Constantly feeling drained?  Believe it or not, it could be due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. CLICK HERE for 5 simple tips to help you power through Pandemic Fatigue.

ADAPTING TO COVID-NORMAL: Sick of all of these safety precautions?  You aren’t alone, but they are important to reduce the spread. CLICK HERE for 5 tips to help you and your family deal with safety protocol exhaustion.

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ALLEVIATE MUSCLE STIFFNESS FOR TELEWORKERS: These simple movements illustrated by Alec Levesque, DPT, will help alleviate muscle stillness and back pain brought on by hours of sitting behind your computer.
CLICK HERE to access the video

PROPERLY SETTING UP YOUR HOME WORKSTATION: In this video, Lauren, DPT, walks you through the proper way to setup your home workstation.  Special thanks to our model, Krystle Groff, PTA:
CLICK HERE to access the video

ALLEVIATE NECK PAIN: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of us are working from home in less than ideal conditions. In this video, Alicia gives us some simple stretches that can help alleviate your neck pain and shoulder stress:  CLICK HERE to access the video

AN EASY EXERCISE FOR 11 DIFFERENT BODY PARTS:  If you are stuck at home and looking for some simple exercises and stretches that will help you stay active with no equipment necessary, you don’t want to miss this post! Alec, DPT walks us through some simple stretches and exercises for various body parts (in only 6 minutes!).  CLICK HERE to access the video

A GUIDE TO OVERUSE INJURIES IN RUNNERS:  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many gyms to close, which in turn, may be causing us to run or walk more mileage each week than we have in the past. In this series of videos, Lori, PTA and avid runner, introduces some basic guidelines for runners who may be experiencing increased pain due to overuse injuries caused by running.

HIP PAIN: Series of 3 videos:

  1. Introduction to Hip Pain in Runners
  2. Stretches to Increase Hip Mobility in Runners
  3. Strengthening Exercises for Runners with Hip Pain  (please note these exercises can be done without a theraband)

HEEL PAIN: Plantar Fasciitis is a common ailment suffered by runners and walkers.  In this video, Lori walks us through a couple great stretches and strengthening exercises which will provide some relief from heel pain that you are suffering.  Steps to Help Alleviate Heel Pain

5 SIMPLE EXERCISE YOU CAN DO TO IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE AT HOME: In this video, Michelle, PTA and certified yoga instructor, illustrates 5 simple exercises that we can do at home to help us maintain and improve our balance. All you need is a chair! CLICK HERE to access the video

PLANKS: A SIMPLE ABDOMINAL EXERCISE: In the video, Natasha, DPT explains her favorite abdominal exercise which not only engages your mid-section, but also your shoulders and legs.  Natasha also shares some modifications to this exercise to accommodate for varying fitness conditions.  CLICK HERE to access the video 

STAYING ACTIVE WITH YOUR KIDS WHILE STAYING HOME: Krystle Groff, PTA gives us some great tips to stay active with our little ones during our stay at home orders. We start with a brief warm-up, followed by a few exercises and a little cardio workout. Special thanks for our adorable models: Janelle, Jack, Morgan and Skylar. CLICK HERE to access the video


Stuck at home and wanting to start a workout regimen with limited or no equipment?  Our MAG Director, Aaron Brustad give us some great suggestions for a great Start-Up Workout Program that you can do at home!  A Stay at Home Start Up Workout for Beginners (Moderate and Advanced Programs coming soon!

Daulton Rutter, DPT shares some tips to help keep us centered in this uncertain time:
Practicing Mindfulness in Times of Uncertainty

Amy Petraco, PTA encourages us to continue getting outdoors for our physical and mental health: The Benefits of Fresh Air during this Pandemic

Lauren Kirchoff, DPT clarifies which injuries warrant cold vs hot treatments while managing pain from home: Managing Pain from Home?  Is Heat or Ice Appropriate?

Alicia Leeking, PTA discusses the health benefits of standing every hour, when we are tempted to watch Netflix all day during our “stay at home” time:
The Benefits of Standing throughout the Day

Lori Kerr, PTA (and former owner of her own catering company), gives us some great ideas to plan and make delicious family meals during this pandemic:
Healthy Eating During Uncertain Times

Gabby Woods, Front Desk Associate and budding Nutritionist, walks us through some simple ideas to help us all make it through this difficult time:
Simple Tips to Help You Make it Through the Pandemic

Janelle Horning, PTA (and youth education leader at her church), gives teenagers ten great suggestions to keep quarantine productive and healthy:
Ten Ways to Excel as a Teenager during Quarantine

Natasha Clarke, DPT gives us some clarification on identifying pain and figuring out what might be causing it.  She takes us back to the basics to help us understand the root of our pain, so that we can start thinking about how to make it go away: Understanding Pain